About Katrina Willis

Katrina Willis

First off: Welcome!
I am an organized creative
Work: How may I help you?
I enjoy: Design Thinking
Current Location: Chicago
Education: BFA 2-D Design, Drawing…
First coded? In Junior High School
Development Proficiencies: CSS, PHP, HTML/XHTML/HTML5, XML, mySQL, JavaScript
Design Proficiencies: Adobe Creative Suite (all), OmniGraffle, Best Practices
Acceptable Bribes: 70% Dark Chocolate
Mode of Operation: Simplicity
I am at your service!


   Jennifer Bisbing | Copywriter+
I am a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Currently, I am a copywriter for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra using the Associated Press Stylebook. I received a BA from San Francisco State University in Humanities with a focus on fiction, and in 2011, I received an Editing Certificate from the University of Chicago. I received professional training for copyediting with the Chicago Manual of Style and AMA Manual of Style. I am coauthoring Wicker Women, ghost writing Notable Traces: Memoirs of a Forensic Scientist, and writing a novel.

   Nathanael Filbert | Photographer
I am a Chicago based photographer working in both commercial and documentary contexts, with a specialization in narrative portraits. I continue to travel all over the world for projects of both a personal and commercial nature. I create a range of images from portraiture to fashion and beauty to food and product to events and weddings. I studied at Wheaton College, where I received my fine arts degree with a specialization in both mixed media arts and photography. My work has been shown in multiple galleries around the country.

   Josh Frank | Social Media+
I work with national, regional and local non-profits, plus creative professionals. With over 10 years of experience designing for the Web and print, I strive to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether you are looking for a Website designed from the ground up with a full Content Management System or are in need of assistance setting up and expanding your social media presence, my expertise will help you meet and exceed your business goals.

   KB Massingill, PhD | Business Consultant
My goal is to help others achieve the dream of owning their own business via franchise opportunities. I have started and sold ventures, run my own business, worked in a corporate environment, and built teams. All of these efforts in addition to my work with the Franchise Brokers Association and Franchise Alliance have prepared me to be an empathetic listener and knowledgeable consultant for those interested in purchasing a franchise.

I also spend approximately 25% of my time as a technological/business process consultant. I am a Chief Information Officer for hire with a PhD in Information Systems emphasizing business management and computer science/information systems. My strengths are vendor relationships, strategy and business process. I also invest in real estate and lease commercial office space.